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Finnish TAM continuous tempering furnace

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Wind pressure, temperature, altitude

Rongzhuang Villa


Shanghai Harbour View - China's first TPS project

Ultra-efficient TPS insulating glass:


Super energy-saving insulating glass


1. Energy saving: the U value of the three-layer insulating glass can reach 0.58W/m2.K

2. Comfort: The insulation effect of three-layer insulating glass is more than 4 times that of ordinary insulating glass, which effectively reduces indoor and outdoor temperature difference and increases living comfort.

3. Sound insulation: three-layer hollow glass is 5 dB lower than ordinary insulating glass noise reduction.

In 2010, the company introduced the first TPS hollow production line in mainland China produced by Swiss Baichao Group, and joined hands with the leaders of glass energy-saving technology—Saint-Gobain Group of France, Kemeilin of Germany, and Dow Corning of the United States to jointly create a revolutionary energy-saving hollow system.


The ultra-energy-saving insulating glass adopts high-quality LOW-E glass, equipped with a warm-edge thermal insulation technology spacer, supplemented by a sealing technology with high sealing and low water vapor permeability. The hollow cavity is filled with a high thermal resistance inert gas, which is more energy-saving than ordinary insulating glass. Times, at the same time, the service life can be more than 25 years.


Hollow double glass photovoltaic panel assembly

In 2010, in cooperation with famous domestic PV companies, the dual-glass photovoltaic building integrated components are multi-functional new building materials integrating power generation, heat insulation, sound insulation and fire safety protection. It can be used directly as a non-load-bearing wall or load-bearing roof. The hollow double-glazed photovoltaic module ensures its long-term water-tightness and battery life is the first in China and is at the international advanced level.


Dalian International Conference Center lighting photovoltaic glass






Rail transit series

Huaying Glass is the first manufacturer in China to apply the third generation of insulating glass system (TPS) to rail transportation. It has developed long-life TPS system insulating glass and applied it to railway locomotives.

Side window system: TPS, glass, and outer sealant are elastic chemical bonding, resisting instantaneous extreme speed wind pressure, altitude pressure difference, temperature difference and other factors, and the service life is not less than 25 years (see Figure c).

Escape window system: a new type of pre-fracture escape window system (see figures d, e)

National Treasure Collection

"Pumping phenomenon" is no problem


Super energy-saving insulating glass

1. Long gas retention rate: less than 0.1% / ten years of gas leakage rate; after five cycles of testing, the argon leakage rate is only 2.9%.

2. Superior water vapor permeation barrier capability: After five cycles of testing, the average IAV of the water vapor permeation index is only 12.12%, which reflects the superior moisture sealing performance. (See Figure a)

3. The leader in the insulating glass gap system forms a chemical bond with the glass contact surface, and simultaneously reduces the contact surface by one time, effectively coping with the pumping phenomenon of the insulating glass under weather or wind pressure.4. Ultra-stable performance, can guarantee its own sealing performance in the environment of -50 ° C to 90 ° C. It is the only sealing system in Europe that has passed the double cavity combination test. (See Figure b)5. Super insulation capacity, U value can reach 0.58W/m2.K, and keep consistent for 30 years.

The above test and market examples tell us that this is a new generation of insulating glass systems that can guarantee 50 years of energy-saving consistent 50-year sealing life, which will make the greatest contribution to the passive part energy-saving building in the transparent part system.

Sealed guarantee argon

Tap point  Pre-fracture zone (not visible)

Sealing structural guarantee

Simultaneous destruction of two-layer glass

New patented technology

Load bearing>200KG

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Finnish TAM continuous tempering furnace